Family geolocation

Weenect GPS mobile application

We offer a complete range of connected GPS trackers for every member of your family (in the broad sense of the word: children, seniors, dogs and cats). Wherever you are, you'll always know where your relatives are too.

Choose only the best for the people you care about

Ready for use in under 3 minutes

Weenect provides real-time geolocation, over any distance. You are always guaranteed to know where they are. Other products do not provide this guarantee: they only cover a few metres with a limited number of positions impacting on the service.

Ready for use in under 3 minutes

The GPS tracker works with a SIM card (included) allowing it to connect to your phone through our free mobile app. Easy to use, there is no installation required: register on our site, switch on and you’re ready to go!

Great Great 4.2/5 based on 2481 reviews
5 / 5 9 days ago

Contente de l’acquisition.

Contente de l’acquisition.


4 / 5 34 days ago

Weenect Kids for school starter

I got the kid device for my child Ehen she started School first grade and it works perfectly - we have now for 3 years . It shows exact location and also the SOS calling and infoservice works properly. I can really recommend . Also the service was just perfect and fast because we had twice a malfunction and got a new device.


5 / 5 46 days ago

When we got Max(8 years old) from the…

When we got Max(8 years old) from the cat shelter, we decided to put gps to him. Because we have trauma for losing previous cat. Since putting Weenect gps, we know his action range(secret life of cat!) and habit so we could trust him and have feeling safety. Max grow up with golden retriever at previous owner and we also have golden. Maybe that is why his character is like a dog and listen very well. Now he became 10 years old so I don’t have to put gps anymore. But if we will have new cat, surely we will ask to activate our Weenect gps again. Thank you very much for your support. Atsuko, Guido, Ichiro & Max

Atsuko Deguchi

5 / 5 46 days ago

Excellent tracker

Excellent tracker. We were very pleased with the sevice. Now have a cat containment fence so no longer use the tracker but would use again

Kim Long

5 / 5 51 days ago

Very good and very practical to use

Very good and very practical to use, I regret not having added it in Portuguese. Very fast delivery of the equipment.

Paulo Jorge Pereira

5 / 5 52 days ago

I am satisfied with GPS tracker

I ordered o Amazon France with delivery Poland, 3 days to get the tracker as forecasted when ordering. The product works well, i am letting my dog run free and always know where she is. The tracker does not bother the dog. If she does not listen to me, I use the music option effect is that she stops and search for me

Philippe Goumand

5 / 5 53 days ago

Ordered through Amazon and the whole…

Ordered through Amazon and the whole process was really easy. Received the tracker 48 hours after I placed the order. Too early to tell how well it works but I have high hopes.


5 / 5 56 days ago

Easy to order

Easy to order, very quick delivery.

Mrs A M Laurence

5 / 5 62 days ago

all round excellent

Arrived quickly (even given Covid 19), packaged smartly and easy to set up. Impressed with the clarity of the tracking. Best bit is that it turns out my dog finds the ring very unnerving so returns to me immediately when he hears it, without any training - so works really well as a recall for cheeky dogs that prefer to chase hares!

Laura Jarvis

4 / 5 71 days ago

Arrived in good time

Arrived in good time, just would have liked some tracking info in English as my French is very rusty.

Trace Goldsmith

5 / 5 101 days ago

All Good

From order to receipt, all was perfect. We have only had three product a few days, but are extremely happy so far. Key factors.was size, weight, price, and tracking, and this ticks all the boxes.

David Pearston

4 / 5 102 days ago

Fast deivery in good condition

The delivery of the tracker was faster than announced. It came in good condition and was fuly loaded, so it was easy to activate,


For cats

Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Cats 2 allows cat owners to find their cat if it gets lost, and train it to come back home by itself, as well as safely discover its territory.

For Dogs

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Pets allows dog owners to be notified when their pets run away, find them quickly when it happens, and follow up their daily level of activity.

For children

Weenect Kids GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Kids guides your kids during family trips and in their first autonomous steps; their first journeys alone for instance.

For seniors

Weenect Silver panic button for elderly and its mobile application

Weenect Silver allows seniors to maintain a certain autonomy when they start losing their memory or physical abilities, while reassuring their relatives about their safety.