Family geolocation

Weenect GPS mobile application

We offer a complete range of connected GPS trackers for every member of your family (in the broad sense of the word: children, seniors, dogs and cats). Wherever you are, you'll always know where your relatives are too.

Choose only the best for the people you care about

Ready for use in under 3 minutes

Weenect provides real-time geolocation, over any distance. You are always guaranteed to know where they are. Other products do not provide this guarantee: they only cover a few metres with a limited number of positions impacting on the service.

Ready for use in under 3 minutes

The GPS tracker works with a SIM card (included) allowing it to connect to your phone through our free mobile app. Easy to use, there is no installation required: register on our site, switch on and you’re ready to go!

Great Great 4.2/5 based on 3017 reviews
4 / 5 19 days ago

So Far, So Good

So far, so good! I've only used the tracker twice so far, the second time he didn't leave the garden so not a great trial.....thats why so far I've only given it 4 stars. I'm impressed with the ordering process, quick and easy, and I was VERY impressed at how quickly it arrived, fully charged. My cat is a big boy anyway but he has no problem wearing it. I think even my little girl would be comfortable with it, he wears it on his collar. It was very interesting watching where he did go on the one and only time he's worn it and actually gone out so far, it put my mind at rest that time because I could see he didn't go anywhere near the road. It would be good to be able to give another review in a couple of months, or to be able to update this one. But I hope it is of use to someone. 🙂

Terry Brooks

5 / 5 20 days ago

Simple d’utilisation

Simple d’utilisation, precis

François MOREAU

5 / 5 20 days ago

The tracker arrived in time and works…

The tracker arrived in time and works well. It took a little time to pick up the initial GPS signal, but once connected it has worked well.

Mark G

5 / 5 23 days ago

Easy to order

Easy to order. Now learning how to use it. Confused about the contact tel no part, as when it calls the dog, it calls my phone too yet I'm the one whose activated thr call.

Karen Wilde

5 / 5 27 days ago

Ordered it with no trouble and it…

Ordered it with no trouble and it arrived within a couple of days. Happy with the service.

Sarah Celine

5 / 5 28 days ago

So far so good

So far so good. I've only had the tracker a day and the weather has been terrible so my cat hasn't been going out much. However, the ordering process and customer service is really great. They got back to me very quickly when I had a minor issue getting the GPS to connect. The device itself is really simple to use and the app is very comprehensive. My cat isn't that big - he's only 7 months old - and he doesn't mind wearing the device round his neck at all. If I could make one suggestion it would be to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing to the eye (it looks a little like a doorbell) but that's of no concern to my cat .


5 / 5 28 days ago

Beyond pleased with the weenect cat tracker

I can not believe how impressed I am with my Weenect cat tracker so far. The delivery was prompt. The instructions are clear. I had a few teething problems setting up the tracker , but the customer service has been very prompt and helpful. To test the tracker my son popped it in his pocket to go to work. We had no idea if this would work as it is hidden away in his clothing therefore weakening the signal. But it has told me exactly where he is. I should add he works in the next town from ours. The address was exact. Very pleased customer.


5 / 5 30 days ago

Gps locator for kids

I founded this gps kids locator on search engine. When to the website and clear straight order. Quick delivery and so far do goo. Just starting testing the gps today.

Ivan Panayotov

5 / 5 32 days ago

Everything you need in a pet tracker

We were looking for a reliable, sturdy tracker for our dog (who had gone missing recently), with live and reasonably accurate location accessibility from an app on our phones. The weenect has delivered so far since our purchase (1 week ago) with the battery only having needed being charged once (we only turn it on when we go out with our dog) and location accuracy being great - this was really easy and simple to set up and the app notifies us every time the tracker is turned on/off. Some extra features on it we weren’t aware of at time of purchase such as being able to call the tracker and speak through it, and having historic (past 24hour) activity saved on the app, which has been really helpful. All in all extremely happy with our purchase, the app is great, and would recommend. Just what we needed!


5 / 5 41 days ago

Very good service

Very good service, prompt delivery. Very easy to order and pleasant to get a little 'thank you for purchasing from us' note in the parcel.

Paul Munroe

5 / 5 45 days ago

Excellent product

Excellent product. Saved my cats life when I couldn’t find him but located him in a non occupied building with an ‘in only’ cat flap due to its excellent accuracy and it’s blinking light in the window. Weenect have always given great customer service too so I bought many more trackers for our cat family

Susan Smith

5 / 5 53 days ago

Placing my order was simple and…

Placing my order was simple and efficient. I particularly like the option of selecting my subscription only once I had received the device. Delivery was efficient considering this was shipped from Europe to the UK.

Josephine Willis

For cats

Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Cats 2 allows cat owners to find their cat if it gets lost, and train it to come back home by itself, as well as safely discover its territory.

For Dogs

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Pets allows dog owners to be notified when their pets run away, find them quickly when it happens, and follow up their daily level of activity.

For children

Weenect Kids GPS tracker and its mobile application

Weenect Kids guides your kids during family trips and in their first autonomous steps; their first journeys alone for instance.

For seniors

Weenect Silver panic button for elderly and its mobile application

Weenect Silver allows seniors to maintain a certain autonomy when they start losing their memory or physical abilities, while reassuring their relatives about their safety.