Weenect Cats 2

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GPS cat tracker with :

  • GPS tracking / Without distance limit
  • Territory analysis / Activity monitoring
  • Training / Virtual fence
  • 72 hours battery life / Waterproof (IP67)
  • Silicone case / Tracking app

Functions with subscription, from € 3.75 per month.


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The world's smallest GPS for cats

Cat wearing Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker

With Weenect Cats 2 you can follow your cat's movements in real time, and without distance limit. Your pet may be miles away from you, but you will always find them. The included SIM card is multi-network, which allows it to operate even in the countryside. Note: the product will not be able to function if there is no cellular service available in your area.

The silicone case provided allows you to fix the GPS for cats on any size of collar or harness. So you can choose the option that best suits your pet. Note that while the small weight of the product is not a problem for a cat (whatever its size), it is however preferable that it is used to wearing the collar or the harness before fitting the tracker to it.

Cat wearing Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker />
GPS tracking feature of Weenect Cats 2

Live tracking

You will never lose your cat and can easily find them with real-time tracking (up to one position every 10 seconds).

Training feature of Weenect Cats 2


Make the tracker ring or vibrate at each meal time so that your cat associates the two events. It will then return on its own when you trigger this feature.

Territory analysis feature of Weenect Cats 2

Territory analysis

Find out where your pet spends most time and the boundaries of its territory. The secret life of your cat will soon be revealed to you.

Safeguard your cat in just 3 steps


1. Buy your tracker

Available on our site or in the shops. We guarantee you the same price everywhere.


2. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it).


3. Download the app

Available on the Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The tracker is ready for use.

Technical description

Weenect Cats 2 and its mobile application


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher
Android 4.1 or higher
Web app on all browsers


550mA/H ; up to 3 days battery life

Size and weight

58x23x10mm ; 25g


SIM card included in the product
GPRS 900/1800 MHz
See the list of countries covered

Contents of the box

1 Weenect Cats 2 GPS for cats, 1 silicone case, 1 USB cable, 1 charging base and 1 quick start guide.

Customer_reviewWeenect Cats 2

Great 4.6/5 based_on 205reviews
polo review_date_16review_date_2
5 / 5

Used Weenect tracker for several years now and it’s very good. It’s pretty accurate as it has been lost on more than one occasion and i have been able to find it by ringing it up. Although it was chewed up by the cows on one occasion but still working, on another it was lost down a drain. I would recommend this as it does give you some peace of mind. I have tried a couple of others but found them not so accurate. I find the battery lasts for about 12 hours which isn’t a problem as the cats are in and the batteries can be recharged. Hope this helps somebody.

Elga review_date_16review_date_2
5 / 5

After trying another tracker I was not happy with, Weenect was exactly what I needed: to keep an eye on my wandering cat. Easy to use, light enough for the cat to wear, great support from Weenect team.

Karen Louise review_date_115review_date_2
5 / 5

I bought this because my young cat sometimes wouldn't come to call at night and I couldn't handle not knowing where he was. This device is brilliant! I did my research before deciding the GPS was the best for me (how many times do cats climb into delivery vans etc!) The first few weeks I was so enamoured with it I began to stalk my cat! I LOVE that you can ring up your cat too! Ring ring...."Spud, get yourself back here, it's time for bed"..then I hear rushing noises as Spud scampers home through long grass! If I could give a little feedback for the company - I would ask them to modernise the design so it's curved slightly, instead of a clunky block, but having said that, the cats really don't seem to mind it. I can highly recommend.

Emily review_date_141review_date_2
5 / 5

It's not too big and not very heavy, and is well tolerated by most cats, has a good battery life, is pretty accurate to within a metre or two when the cat is outdoors. As a vet, I recommend these to clients who worry.

Marion from London review_date_150review_date_2
5 / 5

I use this for my dogs, as they are small and so is the cat tracker! It’s really brilliant, and gives me considerable peace of mind knowing that if my dogs went AWOL, I would be able to find them.

Lynn Gonsalves review_date_162review_date_2
5 / 5

Great value best onmarket find cats that have got themselves into bother loads you straight to them example in pictures

Heidi Anderton review_date_164review_date_2
5 / 5

First one l have brought and had now for about 2 years and wow great device. Always know where my cat is. We now have 2. Battery last for about a good day. Would definitely reckonmend to any cat or dog lover that loves there babys.

Liz Champness-Nye review_date_169review_date_2
4 / 5

Use it every day. Have used the ring function to call him when he is too far away to hear us. Very reassuring

Marie review_date_174review_date_2
5 / 5

Great product and great service every time I have questions!

Luís Ferreira review_date_180review_date_2
5 / 5

Very good and helpfull.

Rhian Griffiths review_date_181review_date_2
4 / 5

Great for tracking my 3 cats. I have had issues with one but have been offered a replacement. Location accuracy in not spot on but is thereabouts. There is a discount on purchases if you need more than one but not on subscriptions. Overall I am happy with the product and service. I have recommended this to several friends.

Jackie Farrant review_date_184review_date_2
5 / 5

This device is so fantastic I have it on my cat and I and they keep me in check every time when he's walking around and let me know when the battery is getting low this product is very good to buy a recommend anybody else who would buy it

Cathy Jarrett review_date_185review_date_2
5 / 5

We are in Cyprus and we have a cat that wanders and gets into all sorts of trouble including snake bites. Since we have had Weenect we can track him anywhere. It gives us total peace of mind. Wonderful products

Mat Morgan review_date_187review_date_2
4 / 5

The app is nice and user friendly. When they are responsive the trackers are great but find it can often take quite a while

Lucy Owen review_date_191review_date_2
5 / 5

It is great to know where your cat is. The feature where you can follow the arrows to locate them.

Mr Kev nicholson review_date_194review_date_2
4 / 5

I have tried a few GPS trackers in the past but have settled on this product as it is by far the most reliable. I have had 2 trackers for over 2 year and the technology is excellent and has some great features. The ability to have the Tacker call you from the the app is superb . If you are in doubt about your cats safety then you can contact the tracker by phone and listen to tracker to see if there are any unusual sounds . The SOS function where if the button on the tracker is pressed it makes a call to your phone and you can talk to someone who has found your cat. However this would be far better if this function was obvious to the finder as at the moment I doubt anyone with the cat would know they could do this. The fact that the tracker works with so many cell providers is great and you always get a good signal compared to other trackers that only support 1 or 2 cell providers. This brings us to battery life . Battery life depends on how good the signal is and therefore this gives the Tracker a very good working time. As you can switch the check-in frequency of the tracker this gives great flexibility. I set it to 1hr in general but it set it to 30min or less overnight when the cats are out and about . This gives the trackers about 3 days life before a quick recharge is required when the cats are sleeping. You can also request a position at any time with the click of the App. The tracking history is also very useful and I have used this in the past to keep an eye on their activity and on 2 occasions this has given an early warning of low activity which led to identifying that the cat was sick. I wold would have given it 5 star but for the App playing up and freezing from time to time and the very rare short outage for the server. Having said all that there is not a better cat tracker out there. Kevin Nicholson

Carol Gaillard review_date_1100review_date_2
4 / 5

Even in the most rural area I manage to get my tracker working. It may not be perfect but all the trackers I had before were far worse and support was terrible. With Weenect someone answers your questions even if it is after 48 hours !! And no matter how bad the coverage, the tracker manages to communicate sometime so never a chance of a lost cat or a collar.

corvisier philippe review_date_1105review_date_2
4 / 5

It is à really good system to locate my cat. Some times Hé hide himself in the gardien and doesn t want to come back home for the night. You could ring him and find him easily.

J Stabler review_date_1106review_date_2
5 / 5

This is a fantastic product, I’d recommend it to anyone who wants invaluable peace of mind regarding the safety and whereabouts of their pet. I have one for each of my three cats and a spare just in case! The Weenect team are brilliant too.

Danni Thomson review_date_1110review_date_2
5 / 5

Great product. Fairly accurate GPS location and excellent customer service. I feel confident with letting my cat outdoors with this product.

Nigel Orrillard review_date_1116review_date_2
5 / 5

Mr Bobbins was brought back to Wales from Portugal by car and ferry. He likes to wander. Before Weenect there were too many dodgy days without him, wondering if we’d ever see him again; searching the streets and woods in the rain with a small plate and a fork. Forlornly calling his name. Now we know where is 24/7 and send screenshots to friends of his Weenect charted travels. Weenect also happen to have the most friendly, efficient, courteous and professional people to contact for support - 10/10 from Bobbins 🐾

Deirdre Patel review_date_1121review_date_2
5 / 5

Easy to use. Location accurate. Service fast and hastle free. Unit light and easy to take on and off

Tom Johnson review_date_1124review_date_2
4 / 5

Great device to know where your pet is, makes my life for much less stressful. Once my cat was locked in the neighbours house and another time in someone’s garage 🤯 thanks to the tracker, we found her. Wish it was slightly smaller/lighter but my cat doesn’t seem to bother really.

Mary Chudleigh review_date_1128review_date_2
5 / 5

Works well, can track from anywhere in the Workd with Wi-Fi, being able to ring it when the cat pulls its collar off is ideal

Miss Suzanne Cahill review_date_1128review_date_2
5 / 5

Amazing! I would be lost - and so would Poppy without it! My cats don't object to wearing it and it gives me peace of mind as my 2 aren't the bravest of cats. When Elsie managed to lose the tracker (not herself thankfully) I was sent a replacement within a few day - fab service. Thank you.

Mr Simon Bebbington review_date_1129review_date_2
5 / 5

Very accurate and reliable. Gives peace of mind to know where our cat is at anytime.

Mr And Mrs Anker review_date_1132review_date_2
5 / 5

Since we bought a Weenect tracker for Sapphie we have peace of mind. She’s a regular visitor to a local farm and enjoys exploring the local terrain! When she loses her collar we’ve received replacements quickly and without question. The tracker is a great product provided by a very pleasant and efficient company. We wouldn’t be without it.

Susan Black review_date_1137review_date_2
5 / 5

Gives me peace of mind, I know where my cat is at any given time. Also works when I am away from home. Highly recommended.

Alain Dakroub review_date_1138review_date_2
5 / 5

Great tracker .. reliable and very easy to set and use.

Margaret review_date_1138review_date_2
4 / 5

Gives me peace of mind to know where my pet is anytime. Not always completely accurate so that’s why not 5*

Kate Clements review_date_1140review_date_2
4 / 5

Good product. Very interesting to know your cats territory. Then in case they don’t come home you know where to start looking.

Bogdan Lazar review_date_1140review_date_2
5 / 5

Excellent tool, I can see the location of my cat in real time. I feel really relaxed having in mind the possibility of location anytime. If handled properly, the battery is lasting 4-5 days. Easy to connect, easy to handle, awesome features in app.

Janet Howard review_date_1149review_date_2
5 / 5

Allows me to track my cat, although sometimes its not as accurate as I would expect. However, these occasions are invariably due to bad weather when the signal is poor. I lost my cat for 5 days a few years ago, when he got entangled in some rope - he was only in bushes at the bottom of the garden. Had I had the tracker then, I would have found him the day he went missing. Tracker is pricey but worth it and on the two occasions he has lost it, the company have given me discount on a replacement.

Thomas Acland review_date_1150review_date_2
5 / 5

For someone who has a cat who was lost for three weeks last year. This is an absolute God send. I always know where he is and it gives me peace of mind. Easy to use and set up. Highly recommend it.

Jewel Dodd review_date_1153review_date_2
5 / 5

After Elliot went missing for eight days 16 months ago (and was found nowhere near the places I spent hours looking for him) I decided to get a tracker and after researching chose the Weenect Cats 2. The tracker gives me peace of mind and when Elliot lost his tracker it was fairly easy to locate using the alarm ring. I must say that the customer service team is wonderful and every little query I have posed has been dealt with promptly and charmingly.

CB review_date_1153review_date_2
5 / 5

My cat has been wearing the tracker since November and I can honestly say it's the best money I've spent on my cat. I know where he is every second of the day which gives me peace of mind, especially when he first started to go out. The tracker is easy to locate if the collar accidentally comes off, especially using the ring function and whilst the tracker is quite large my cat isn't bothered by it at all. The fact you can talk to your cat through it is great, even though my cat chooses to ignore me when I ask him to come home! I would highly recommend this collar to any cat owner, especially if you are worried about your cat going astray. The only negative (which is a small one) is that I am not always alerted when my cat exits the boundary I set up. Not a massive deal as I am constantly looking where he is on the map anyway!

Stephen Kent review_date_1155review_date_2
5 / 5

We have tried a couple of cat trackers and have found this to be the best. It is pretty straightforward to use, seems pretty accurate, and being able to get it to ring is useful for finding it easily when Romeo loses it in dense undergrowth.

Martin French review_date_1157review_date_2
4 / 5

Excellent product, light enough for a cat, very reassuring to find out how far she roams and where she is now.

Merete Brynildsen review_date_1157review_date_2
5 / 5

So usefull. We allways know where the cat is - and his movements - even when he is far away. We even see when its time to open the door to let the cat in. We have a medium sized cat which seems to love to carry the GPS. We charge it aprox. each 24-36 hours. We impress friends when show them the GPS and espesially the tracker on the mobilephone. Merete and Arne Brynildsen

Mathew Norgrove review_date_1157review_date_2
5 / 5

Customer services excellent very fast one thing Is the sometimes? The emails come in French. And I can't speak French but apart from that. It's five star. La all the way

Kevin Reid review_date_1157review_date_2
5 / 5

I have an older weenect but it still works really well I always know where my cat is. The app is great and really intuitive. I would recommend this device.

Mr Edward Newton review_date_1158review_date_2
4 / 5

Really useful for keeping an eye on where my cat is, has saved an awful lot of time searching at night. The history function is interesting to see where she has been. Only criticism is sometimes there are inaccuracies in the GPS, but these rarely last long.

Mr Timothy Kirk review_date_1159review_date_2
5 / 5

Excellent product, helps with peace of mind being about to know where our 2 cats are at any time ( we have a unit for each cat) The map image is out of position by approx 10m in both an easterly and southernly direction, which took a little getting used to. The only improvement I would suggest would be an option to define a free form boundary, as opposed to the circular one currently available. Overall, very pleased with the functionality of the system, both on mobile and PC formats.

Maddie Webb review_date_1159review_date_2
5 / 5

Fantastic product and puts my mind at ease with my little cats! Very reliable and easy to use.

Simone Tamulioniene review_date_1160review_date_2
5 / 5

Works really good and easy! So nice that you can see now also the amount of km the cat made and average speed and max speed!

andy review_date_1160review_date_2
5 / 5

Excellent product would highly recommend, occasionaly looses the phone connection, but I'm not in a good area for reception, I use hunter elasticated collars with the clasp you have to push in to release, to avoid loosing the tracker, however, I have always been able to find it, on the odd occasion its come off.

Maggie Tavilla review_date_1160review_date_2
4 / 5

It gives huge piece of mind of knowing where my cat is and also gives an idea of his territory area. I wouldn't be without it. My cat is very old so he is indoors a lot and the only downside of the tracker is that it doesn't connect well indoors so that the battery runs out very quickly. Even without this, it needs charging every night but, since he is in at night that isn't a problem, we just put it on to charge for a couple of hours then put it back on him.

Steve Gill review_date_1161review_date_2
5 / 5

The best things we have bought for our cats. Used them every day love them. Highly recommended.

Holly Naulin review_date_1165review_date_2
5 / 5

A previous tracker we tried fell off our cat when he was out and it wasn’t accurate enough for us to find it!! This wasn’t good enough for us as we need to be able to find our cat as he has some medical needs. We love weenect, it’s much more accurate and reliable. We wouldn’t be without it as it gives us peace of mind. The app is really good & the battery is very good.

Marcus Johnstone review_date_1166review_date_2
4 / 5

Problems at the start but resolved and now gives me massive peace of mind that my cats safe


Silicone case x2
Charging base
Power connector (C)