Weenect Kids

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GPS tracker for kids with:

  • GPS tracking / No distance limit
  • SOS button / Emergency telephone (10 mins/month)
  • Location history / Safe zones
  • 7 days battery life / Waterproof pouch
  • Mobile app / Authorised at school

Functions with subscription, from € 3.75 per month.


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GPS for kids with long-lasting battery

Kid wearing Weenect Kids GPS tracker

With Weenect Kids you can follow your child's movements in real time, and no distance limit. Your child may be miles away from you, but you can always locate them. The included SIM card is multi-network which allows coverage of 99% of the country. Note: the product will not be able to function if there is no cellular service available in your area.

The included protective pouch allows you to attach the GPS for kids to their belt, or to store it more discreetly in their bag. Add as many children as you want to your account, you can track them all from the same application. Note that there is no limit to the number of users on the same account, so all the child's loved ones can keep an eye on them.

Kid wearing Weenect Kids GPS tracker />
GPS tracking feature of Weenect Kids

Live tracking

Support your child as they become independent; you can watch over them remotely with real-time tracking (up to 1 position every 10 seconds).

SOS feature of Weenect Kids

Emergency telephone

Receive an alert as soon as your child presses the SOS button on their tracker. You can call them to provide reassurance and then reach them using their GPS position.

Safe zone feature of Weenect Kids

Safe zones

Protect your child's journeys by creating as many zones as you wish (home and school for example), and if your child enters or leaves you receive a notification by phone.

Safeguard your child in just 3 steps


1. Buy your tracker

Available on our site or on Amazon. We guarantee you the same price everywhere.


2. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it):


3. Select your subscription

When registering the tracker on our site (after having received it):

Technical description

Weenect Kids and its mobile application


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher
Android 4.1 or higher
Web app on all browsers


1700mA/H ; Up to 7 days battery life

Size and weight

65x40x18mm ; 55g


SIM card included in the product
GPRS 900/1800 MHz
See the list of countries covered

Contents of the box

1 Weenect Kids GPS for kids, 1 waterproof protective pouch, 1 USB cable and 1 quick start guide.

Customer_reviewWeenect Kids

Great 4.5/5 based_on 136reviews
Scott review_date_17review_date_2
4 / 5

Can take a few attempts to get the tracker to reconnect after the battery is fully drained but once online it’s reliable and easy to use. Would recommend

Seema iSLAM review_date_130review_date_2
5 / 5

Weenect has made a huge difference in helping us keep track of our 11 year old autistic son. In general reliable though from time to time we do lose signal for a day. But weenect customer service tends to respond promptly to this and can reset remotely. Highly recommended!

CHRIS BYRNE review_date_131review_date_2
5 / 5

Its a great tracker, has given us great peace of mind. We can see where our special needs son is all the time.

Justine Burgess review_date_1114review_date_2
4 / 5

A good little device. My daughter gets coach to school and I get a reassuring alert once she arrives. There is a bit of a delay in the tracker and the sos has never worked although thankfully this is not something that my daughter has needed to use. A handy little gadget as my daughter is 9 and I am putting off the use of mobile phones for as long as possible!

em40 review_date_1121review_date_2
5 / 5

The product is very reliable and functions like promissed. I use the product for 2 years and pritty happy with it. To my opinion the next generation could be smaller. It is kind of hard to put it into a kid's jacket and not to see the tracker from far away.

Gary Doyle review_date_1127review_date_2
5 / 5

Great Tracker, makes us and the child feel safe. We can only recommend it for the first school years.

Mayada Omer review_date_1128review_date_2
5 / 5

This device is amazing! Tracking is very accurate. Big helper to see when your kid is on its way to and from school, makes the pickup much simpler!

CP review_date_1132review_date_2
4 / 5

This is a great way to give my kids freedom whilst still being aware of where they are and letting them contact me on an emergency.

Andrea London review_date_1135review_date_2
5 / 5


Mark Smyth review_date_1135review_date_2
5 / 5

Brilliant-does what it says on the Box. We think it is great and has proved itself already on a number of occasions.

Nathaniel Wilde review_date_1136review_date_2
5 / 5

Really useful and reliable. Only criticism is that it is fairly easy for the children to incidentally activate the red button if it is in their pocket.

Bernardette Galea review_date_1138review_date_2
5 / 5

Super happy with it. Very good and I don’t have to go out and wait long for my kid to arrive after school

Amendola Antonio review_date_1140review_date_2
5 / 5

I've been using it for long now and although I never tried the emergency button (luckily) all other functionalities are super useful and easy to use. Well done

Luna Morena Lerch review_date_1142review_date_2
4 / 5

I use this tracker since years now . Very happy ! Just want to encourage them to build also a kids watch / phone / tracker As I can’t find one with an accuracy as this one ! Thanks for years of helping to take care of our daughters!👍🏼👍🏼

Mustafa Kemal Mavi review_date_1148review_date_2
5 / 5

Great product with best value. We have been using it for 3 years and happy with the device, application and support. It covers all countries.

Alastair MacLeod review_date_1149review_date_2
5 / 5

Very accurate tracker as the device has a GPS track hardware itself. Many pocket & pouch devices do not have this and their tracking is by Mobile Telephony Radio masts only instead e.g. Android phones, which is fat less accurate.. The Weenect also used radio mast triangulation as back up. Safe Secure. Would highly recommend for looking aftet your little ones e.g. when they take their school bus & coach runs parents can track their children's progress in real time, home, while the children have the freedom to stop at the shop, get snacks etc. With Weenect, parents, can draw (uses circles) for which rheir children are believed to play in, in freedom, or use to path school bus / coaches. Very happy!

Pascal Blanc review_date_1150review_date_2
5 / 5

Does exactly the job it's designed for, if your kids are too young for using a smartphone. Localisation is reliable and very precise when outdoor. Kids can call in case of emergency, you can ping the kids, it works everywhere (at least in Europe). I'm happy with it and recommend it (I've got 2).

MR ANDREW SHARPE review_date_1150review_date_2
5 / 5

Great tool for adding peace of mind. Questions needed to be spell checked before uploading, check where a single and not a double "t" should have been used!

Wendy review_date_1152review_date_2
4 / 5

I purchased this tacker for my daughter who has autism and will often just walk off. It tracks really well and gives easy instructions on how to use. A great buy.

Bogdan review_date_1152review_date_2
5 / 5

Amazing tool for my daughter as she started to go to school by herself. Gives her the confidence to. Build her independence and us the peace of mind :)

Marek Nerko review_date_1152review_date_2
4 / 5

Good value of money. Very reliable product, good support.

Customer review_date_1154review_date_2
5 / 5

Work well, the battery last long e.g. more than a week depending on usage. Accurate and reliable so I would recommend it.

David Theobald review_date_1155review_date_2
4 / 5

Great tracker. Works fine, but can update slow sometimes. Support is great. I will be getting an other one for my other child when she starts school. Needs to be able to send more SMS

Imran Petkar review_date_1155review_date_2
4 / 5

Very reliable especially when smartphones may not be allowed in some schools.

Ananda Somanahalli review_date_1157review_date_2
4 / 5

Works fine except sometimes the messages and locations are not precise.

Customer from Germany review_date_1157review_date_2
5 / 5

We are using the tracker for almost two years already, and it is super useful. Monthly fee is super low, which includes unlimited tracking unlimited internet messages plus 15 min voice calls per month (more than enough). Messages are predefined, and kid sends them with a single key. Overall, it's perfect for kid that's too young to have smartphone, or to send or receive random calls.

Gabriela Flores Vivian review_date_1159review_date_2
4 / 5

Concept is great. When it works, it is just what I need for safety if my child. The problem is some bugs or dysfunctional on charging and sometimes satélite connection.

IOANNIS LAZAROU review_date_1159review_date_2
5 / 5

Excellent product. Lasting battery, very accurate location, quick updates. Certainly recommended.

Shravan Suryanarayana review_date_1159review_date_2
5 / 5

There have been useful updates over the 2 years I have used it. It has become better now. The battery lasts over a week now and has improved over the 4 days it used to last when I bought mine 2 years ago. I have recommended it to friends who also use it.

gavin davies review_date_1159review_date_2
5 / 5

Amazing idea I have a disabled child that I bought my weenect for as she left the safety of the family home one morning when all was still fast asleep causing major panic thanks to the weenect we where able to track her every movement find her and return her safe back to the safety of the family home I highly recommend this device to any parent that has a vulnerable or elderly person as it gives a massive peice of mind regarding the safety of the person wearing it

Lorna review_date_1160review_date_2
5 / 5

Superb. Easily to use. Just charge once a week.

Cenk Eden review_date_1165review_date_2
4 / 5

Good tracker. Reliable and easy to use. Some improvements made both on the device and on the web-app. It is better than 2 years ago (especially the battery-life!!!) Thanks for the good work and please keep it up.

Nerijus Kazickas review_date_1166review_date_2
4 / 5

Great item, but it would make start of it was more frequent live time log of movement-location change.

Chlo3 review_date_1167review_date_2
4 / 5

Good size, not too big. Battery life is good. Improvements in the app have made it easier to locate my non verbal ASD son. I think it would also suit young kids who aren’t old enough for a mobile yet but as a parent you want piece of mind knowing where they are. A reasonable monthly charge and haven’t found a completely dead signal spot in our area yet as it will pick the strongest signal from any network. Overall happy and would recommend.

Georges Zammata review_date_1170review_date_2
5 / 5

Superb ! We can go outside without to panic or be scared every time. My daughter is still very young, 4 years old but she already get it ! Thank you !

John Gerhardt review_date_1173review_date_2
5 / 5

Bought 2, was worried as had seen mixed reviews, but there was no need, really easy our of the box and lots of configurable buttons. GPS is accurate and the abilty to chance the “check in” times on the fly is great. Only little thing for me is that the SOS button only allows 10 mins in total and then blocks the SIM card. Although 10 mins (per month) should be ample, I worry that maybe the day you really need it you o my have 10 mins... Geofence zones are great and the push and emails work fine with no extra costs. I would love to see some web hooks so that I can integrate it with a smart home to announce arrival in and out of zones. All in all though a great product and a good prices. I recommend it without hesitation (I am based I Switzerland).

Chi review_date_1245review_date_2
5 / 5

We bought this for our daughter who like to wander off. It has worked in all the parts of the world we have been. Great for peace of mind.

Alison Mifsud review_date_1266review_date_2
5 / 5

I have been using it for a week (daily). I find it perfect.

Kamila Florek review_date_1270review_date_2
5 / 5

That’s the best tracker. Super helpful. So happy to have it.

Mrs Janice Baldacchino review_date_1275review_date_2
5 / 5

Solved all my worries. Has everything that all mums need! Glad I came across it.

Helena Soldati review_date_1294review_date_2
4 / 5

My child for security and attention reasons is not allowed phones to school and started travelling to school by herself. This is the perfect companion. When I know she is travelling I can see her whereabouts and the historical view helps Too. She also learnt how to send messages by pressing buttons and is a silent way to communicate between us. Great product and v recommendable.

Sabina review_date_1301review_date_2
4 / 5

Great little product to keep your mind at rest about your young ones whereabouts. Connections a little slow at times but still better than handing a mobile phone to young children.

Walid Al-Saqaf review_date_1317review_date_2
5 / 5

Great tool and ever improving interface. I noticed improved tracking and battery life in the new update. I'm happy with the service so far.

Kostas Gaitanos review_date_1329review_date_2
5 / 5

It’s perfect!

Isabelle Bayer review_date_1333review_date_2
5 / 5

Very accurate - simple to use - kids love it and find it rather cool to show their friends how they can call their parents. We use it a lot when outdoors for skiing but also when we visit big events. Recommend 100%.

Arun Doddamane review_date_1339review_date_2
5 / 5

Good product.. But battery life is low

Lorenzo Beriozza review_date_1344review_date_2
5 / 5

My kid can call me when in need and I can see her location when I need to so I am happy. I only miss being able to call her up but then I guess the tracker becomes a different device.

MR ANDREW SHARPE review_date_1353review_date_2
5 / 5

Took a quickly dealt with email to their support to get the two tracker sim cards activated for the UK ... After that everything has worked exactly as published. Great not that the seven year olds don't mind wearing either. We set the alert buttons to 'just arrived' 'just leaving' and 'please pick my me up' and the kids love the idea of letting us know those things. Alerts are virtually instant. Location updates can take a few seconds.. but Weenect tell us that firmware upgrades are being rolled out that will allow us to alter update period when we want -- more frequent = lower battery life, but that's to be expected. When factoring in online subscription they are very competitively priced and will work anywhere in Europe. We also looked at GPS watches but they were very bulky and expensive with the added Sim card subscription. We use two from the same account, and we use the app on a number of devices. All work well and the various tracking modes are great. Highly recommend them if the kids aren't old enough to justify a phone yet... Or you don't want the expense of a phone just to keep aware of where kids are, and give them sos capability if they need it.

Lee Brown review_date_1422review_date_2
5 / 5

Helps me keep track of daughter whilst on camping trips, geozone is a fantastic tool

CRAIG BARBER review_date_1442review_date_2
4 / 5

Peace of mind - It works really well can see where my child has been. Very good value for money at roughly £5 a month. Child can use as a phone to call you up as well


Protective pouch x2
Protective pouch x2
Waterproof pouch
Power connector (C)